Nash Exchange questions

(Camora) #1

Hi there,

I got a ‘few’ questions and ideas, after thinking about the exchange itself:

  • Will the exchange have a function to set up recurring transactions? For example ‘buy 50$ worth of BTC every week’

  • Do you have plans to implement more (audited) stable coins for other currencies?

  • (idea) An email-information, when my staking expires + auto renew function

  • Is it correct, that the expiration time of the staking won’t be exactly one month, since the contract uses
    SECONDS_PER_MONTH = 2629743 ~ 30,437 days

  • Will there be a bounty program for users who find matching engine or exchange errors?

  • Will there be a trading pair for every token on the exchange? - especially when you use the simplified exchange

  • If yes, how will the exchange handle trades - for example from the token ‘0x’ directly to ‘omg’ - since there is no direct trading pair.
    If the exchange therefore automatically trades e.g. ‘0x’ => ‘udsc’ => ‘omg’, will the exchange use the most liquid pairs (eth, usdc, neo) or the pairs, where the outcome of the trade will result in the best possible $-value due to the liquidity?

  • If we buy from a banking partner - will there be any proof or receipt?

  • What happens if the banking provider has problems with paying out the crypto or fiat - Do we have to clarify the problem directly with the banking partner or with nash?

  • If I sell my crypto via banking partner to fiat money - will nash send my cryptos automatically to the banking partner to cash out? Because if I have to send them manually, it could be too complicated for unexperienced users who don’t know how to use crypto

  • Will there be a tradingview chart or an in-house built chart viewing tool?

  • Do you plan to visually mark big orders on the trading history like bitfinex? It would give direct visual informations for a trader, that a big order was executed

  • Should’t the arrow-colour be the opposite? When a taking-buy order is executed, it would drive the price up - so it shoud logically be a green arrow

(Billybelt) #2

Very good question ! :+1:

(Evocati) #3

Great questions! Looking forward to the replies :smiley:

(Nick) #4

Very solid questions indeed. And a sharp eye with the arrows, haven’t noticed that before :+1:

The image is probably suggesting that a sell order is filled (so a user did buy), and therefore it makes the price go up. And vice-versa. But is very counter-intuitive indeed.

(Camora) #5

@canesin I think the questions in this topic got a little lost :smiley:

(FCC) #6

I saw it but we are so close to have user testing that I don’t see much of the value of getting into those details as they are not final. Whatever I reply can completely change.

(Camora) #7

Ah thanks - yeah I thought it would give us a little more informations about the exchange, but you’re right, since the beta will launch soon.

But for the beta i have a question, since i think it wasn’t discussed on the forum - Will the beta have implemented the banking partners for buying real tokens, or do they also just use the testnet during the beta with testcoins & test creditcards?

(FCC) #8

@Camora the ramps are not in the Beta, we are comfortable with only our internal UX testing there.

(Hatertots) #9

So is the beta a TestNet with fake numbers and tokens or will real tokens be used?

(FCC) #10

@Hatertots that has been answered multiple times here weeks ago: the beta will not be on maintnet. It is the real ME, so real numbers, people trading against each other.

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(Hatertots) #11

Thanks for the response still, I either missed it or didn’t understand it earlier :slight_smile:

(FCC) #12

Final details will be public tomorrow but this is a rough approximation I made 12d ago.