Nash Donations

Could we use Nash wallet to facilitate p2p donations?

this can all be done through Mobile Nash app even without NashPay released … In times of desperation people will be motivated … both People and Merchants to figure out a way to exchange goods and services for stable value.

we can link to Bank accounts thru USD-C api’s for 80 diff countries.
not that the most vulnerable have/want

u’ll likely see a reduction of any legal barriers that are in place after the dust settles in DLT USD-C type remittance. Be nice to be a part of that

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Non p2p charity donations
Ambassadors ?
go to existing registered charities> set up KYC/MPC’d Nash business account> ensure there is a Bank account attached and ur in 1/80 countries supported by USD-C banking services.

Find out from the charities who their vendors are… that the next target
Nash community will do the arm chair donating

~Go to small charities or whoever is receptive … prob small and front line guys … but registered

~Costs around 2 cents to make a donation in usd-c, and transfers thereafter.
Local charities could serve as USD-C dispensary