Nash deployment AMA

We are facing some minor technical difficulties with the production platform.

The situation has now been assessed and is under control. We did not wish to communicate until we had a complete picture of the situation, so as to avoid mixed messages and be honest with the Community.

The team has been working non-stop since Friday and will continue to do so over the weekend to ensure that Nash goes live as soon as possible.

We apologize for the unexpected delay and assure you Nash will be deployed imminently, as soon as we know that standing issues will not compromise our users’ experience.

Ethan and I will be available in this thread to respond to questions.



Just want to add that we are very proud of the team, many of whom have stayed up until 4am or later in their timezones.


So you don’t know when this technical difficulties will be solved?

Could you explain to us what the difficulties are? Did you have problems with the data migration, servers or problems with the exchange itself?

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Dear Fabio,

Launchdate has been known for a while. How come the whole launch wasn’t prepared for days, so it is just a matter of flicking a button? Why everything had to be a last minute thing?


Although this is not a question:
Now that the delay is obvious and public messages are sent, lets ensure we cut no corners for the sake of launching quickly.
The same product as the planned 23rd’s needs to be launched.

Its extremely unfortunate and disappointing that this has developed but let’s ensure to make that big SPLASH when it does launch.

Goodluck guys

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Hi @Camora we expect this to be solved in less than a day now.

Timeline was:

AWS cloud crashed - making banking partners APIs to error, after hours of fire fight we decided to disable fiat ramps in the weekend as we couldn’t run our production test with Capital One, our banking API for US and technical requirement for this feature.

OMG and LX smart contracts on mainnet are different than the token standards and showed to have corner cases on last moderate values tests that could be problematic, so we tried to see if it was possible to do changes to the vault contracts last minute to solve. Since we are non-custodial is not like we can “cancel and withdraw” so we wanted to be 100%, we decided to roll-back and not go live with this markets on the weekend.

We are now seeing some issues on the reference Ethereum explorer connection that could show people wrong balances, we have started a fully in-house controlled ETH explorer to avoid this issues but it is taking longer than expected to sync final blocks.

After having our EU and US team back today we collected the data and started this AMA to make clear our commitment to our community.


@hodl Flicking a button was the plan, but we ran into new performance and security issues over the weeks since our announcement that needed to be solved. Even budgeting conservatively for time, our estimation was off. This is a complex system and small changes often have big impacts. We had thought we could pull things through before the end of PST today, but unfortunately that didn’t turn out to be the case.


No worries, delays happen. Can we get some clarity as to the length of delay we’ll be seeing? It’s unclear if this is only a few hours and we can expect launch today, or if we’ll be waiting days to weeks?

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@MailboxMoney Hopefully hours, absolutely not weeks. My best guess would be sometime tomorrow (or today if you like, it is 3:30am my time)


To add to @ethan reply, it is actually behind a simple “flicking a button”. But behind that button our QA and security teams have been trying to guarantee the best UX, every issue found on production has been met with dedication of the team, specially team leaders, senior engineers and founders have been all in a 27h running Google hangout calls.

This is what is behind the flicking of a button right now:


Come on man. You are obviously not in IT. Unexpected stuff happens.


Many of us true supporters would rather that you delayed the launch another week and had everything absolutely perfect compared to rushing and cutting corners.

the product will speak for itself after the launch


hi fabio,

thank you for the transparency in this topic.
I see now that many problems added together to lead to the delay.

So in summary for the community:

  • Fiat-ramps will NOT be available at launch since the api error, caused by AWS
  • OMG & LX Markets not available at launch
  • ETH Explorer issues for ETH-Tokens on the Exchange => Launch when solved

So after the last pointed problem is solved you would launch. Is this correct?

I would also recommend to always be as transparent as you are now in this AMA, since there is many speculation in chats and people freak out because 23th August is already over in CET, PST etc and will still got no communication.

Thank you!

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Do I need to be in IT to be eligible to ask a question SIR?

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@ethan - hope you and the PST team get some good sleep and don’t stress re timings


Thank you @Trust_Yourselves, we will not cut corners.


Hello guys,
Being an IT Engineer, i know what exactly you are facing, this is what can happen in every release, no problem, for me it could even be delayed for another week to be sure you guys deliver the products in good conditions.
Saying that, (and not for must of investors, but for some people) a small effort in communication will be appreciated, i know that you didn’t have the whole picture about the issue, but just a tweet where you mention that the launch can be delayed for unknown issues.



Thank you for keeping us up to date! It sucks but in the world of IT this is expected. Stuff breaks down unexpectedly all the time. The important thing is to fix it and learn not to make the same mistake twice.

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Did I say that sir/lady?