Nash Dashboard

Lately more and more different products and sections from nash are popping up. For new users it could be a bit difficult to find out about every part of nash. Therefore, it would be nice to have a site like where everything is linked with a small description of each part.

Maybe sites from community members can be linked to like:

As well as a link to the official nash telegram and maybe also links to inofficial groups like the Dach group, trading group, …

Guess this would help out new people to quickly gain an overview of massive nash actually is.


Or we can give them a link to this topic :slight_smile:

You could also add a quick description for each link (and missing links).

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Well, for now we can use this topic for it. But I would really appreciate a dedicated site.
Also I’m already too late to edit the post to add the descriptions in this thread.

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I agree.
I think we need something like the Nash Library a dedicated learning resource for the Nash ecosystem and possibly touching on some of greater Crypto industry.

This type of resource would help me on-board family and friends! :+1:


Maybe we can setup a Notion.
I made something to show what it could look like.… (and I also went a little loco on the learning about Nash page… its just a braindump…)

What you think ? Ideas for content ?


it 's better that it be done on the main site from the start by nash readable and accessible to all

Hi Symiaq,

I totally agree with your points. To be honest, i think it would be good for the company to review their communication strategy. At this moment i don’t find it clear where you can find what information. There are quite a few communication channels and for me it’s not so clear exactly what information is being distributed through what channel. Therefor i find it difficult to figure out where to look for the information i want.

I’m not sure if i’m the only one having difficulties in this regard though.



Its just a random pic from another exchange.

i am pretty sure its in the pipeline but i would love to see this in the log in session…

-The Volume in Live Action
-The Zero fees for makers
-The Affiliate Programm
-Welcome Bonus
-Mining Liquidity


I follow Nash since the beginning, joined community not too long ago. Always having problems with finding information. All the websites above, are not easy to remember. I keep browsers open with community and blog. For all the rest I go to Twitter to find the links :upside_down_face:

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