Nash Community updates

Hi everyone,

We’re please to announce that we’ve finished a series of updates to the Nash Community. You may have noticed some changes already!

Dark mode
A dark theme can now be enabled. Click your avatar, then your name > Preferences > Interface > Theme.

You can win badges by participating in the forum.

New categories
We’ve added the following new categories:

  • Fiat Ramps: Discuss the Buy/Sell options on Nash
  • Crypto Analysis and Research: For project analysis from the community
  • Development: A place for projects to share their development updates
  • Watercooler: Non-crypto chat

User classes
Users can now be promoted to Bronze, Silver and Gold members by participating in the forum. Each class comes with a new set of privileges.

Thanks for all your great input so far. We’ll continue improving the Community platform in the near future.

Best wishes,


my eye balls thank you

ill be hanging in the water cooler chat lol :slight_smile:


I had removed the Nash extension, and ended up needing to make a new user ID (process is still a major pain point). Any way I can access my old login?

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Hi @carla, great improvements for the community, like everything created by the team, NASH the best of the best !!!


Love it! Can’t wait until the full integration is complete. Is there an explanation of the different privileges by class?

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We know this is a bothersome process, but we’re working on improving it. This change will also make it easier to recover an user ID.


Loving the changes :smiley:

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The nash community website is our virtual home to share with our nash friends and enthusiasts, thanks @carla and the entire Nash Team for these beautiful designs and enhancements. Dark mode was what I most wanted to see. :nash_token:

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