Nash Community members are invited to get involved before launch!

(Carla Paiva) #1

If you’ve not signed up for beta testing yet, you can do so here. Community members will also receive referral program seed codes after our presentation on Sunday!

(Carla Paiva) made this a banner . It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user. #3
(Trust Yourselves ) #4

‘If you plan on taking part in our referral programme, you’ll need to be a community member. Sign up to our community page to get your referral seed code’.
Now that would get many people signing up to this page :open_mouth::open_mouth:

But I trust the team to already have something similar or even better planned :wink:

Great work @carla

(Cryptosparks) #5

Indeed, i’ve always read without signing up, today i had to! :grinning:


Looking forward to seeing NASH onboard many users. Bring on that volume :muscle::muscle::muscle:

(Mao Mao) #7

@carla as long as we sign up on the link, we will get referral codes?

(Carla Paiva) #8

Beta testing is not related to the Referral program @MaoMao. All community members will receive a code, you don’t have to do anything extra :slightly_smiling_face:

(Cryptoyolo) #9

Cant wait :slight_smile:

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(Xneugen) #10

Same, just signed up because of the refeeral program. Hope you forgive me guys, im a big supporter though :grin:

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(Bit Surfer) #11

Wow. Great news, can´t wait to invite a punch of people to this awesome project! I´m so excited :slight_smile:

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(Saisbackk) #12

Hopefully we will be able to log in easier on our phone in the future. Normally i just look around without being logged in.

(CryptoUK1) #13

The community will be integrated into mobile apps when they are released.

Can try this for now if you wish to use mobile…

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Why total silence on Private Beta community launch
(Ovelha Ranhosa) #15

Hi, I was only able to sign up to the community with my new second hand mac, but did not get my referral seed code, yet. Is it a matter of waiting? I participated on both rounds but was travelling away from crypto. Now back with hope on Nash!

(CryptoUK1) #16

As far as I know, the codes were only available to those that were registered before the referral program was launched

(Ovelha Ranhosa) #17

Thanks for sharing. Was unaware of it.

(Trader101) #18

#TrustYourselves type that on twitter the page is full of peoples refcodes use any one to sign in to exchange , then you will be given yours to pass on , here is mine if want but try that hashtag address

(Trader101) #19


(Pepps1976) #20

Hi all i have held Nash since the ICO do i need to do anything to get registered on the exchange etc?

(CryptoUK1) #21

You will have to sign up on - use one of the referral codes that have been posted on here