Nash Community Grant Idea

Over the past days, I was thinking about a simple and relatively cheap possibility to strengthen our community.

My thoughts got stimulated by Fabio’s post some weeks ago.

1/2 Today I receive 250K NEX which I will stake for 24 months. I believe that all I have is the result of giving back to the communities I am part of. For this reason for the next year I will airdrop monthly a "thank you gift" of all the proceeds from this stake to users at Nash.

— FCC (@canesin) February 1, 2020

I was thinking about the possibility to distribute the generated dividends effectively and simultaneously strengthening the community. Since Fabio doesn’t want to talk about the distribution anymore the marketing budget can also be used for that.

Introducing the Nash Community Grant Idea

Every month or quarter some funds of the marketing budget or Fabio’s divides can be used to thank community members that added value to the product or the community. Like for example the Staking Calculator or the Staking Dashboard. But I would consider everything that benefits Nash and the community as a whole as a possible nomination.
Projects get nominated, either by team or community and Nashians can vote for the project that added the most value.

On one hand, it is a way to incentivize community engagement and on the other hand, the overall awareness of Nash should increase with more topics to talk about.

I’ll better make an overview what benefits I am thinking of :sweat_smile: :

  • incentivizing active community members
  • bigger awareness for community projects
  • strengthening community bound
  • attracting new capable individuals outside of our current community

We already have a strong community. Let’s keep it that way!

This is just a simple collection of my thoughts. Let me know what you guys think!

Cheers :slight_smile:


@bhawani I will be looking for people that bring joy and value to the community.

Regarding formal programs we have two initiatives on trial, one is a Ambassador program other is the lift of features/integration of this community with Nash. You should see some results of these initiatives starting to be public in this quarter.


Great to hear! :slight_smile:
Q1 seems to be packed :star_struck: