Nash Community Forum feedback

I would like to provide some personal feedback on the Nash Community Forum. It contains many great features and I can see significant work went into various details. The focus of this thread is however on things that potentially can be improved and not on the things that are great already. Two items could be improved in my opinion:

  1. I do find that the browsing of categories and topics takes up rather a lot of space on a single page without providing all that much information (when using a PC). From experiences on other platforms, I have found that older people prefer such set ups with larger letters, so that everything is readable to them. I would like to see an alternative viewing option if possible that is more ‘condensed’. That way I can see all topic categories and more threads on a single page instead of having to scroll around to do that. Alternatively CTRL - middle mouse wheel can be used, but I prefer not to do that for a single website (which then requires adjustment again at other websites).

    Maybe the fact that I have a widescreen monitor also has something to do with it, but it results in a lot of unused space on the sides and quite some scrolling:

  1. When browsing for interesting topics, it shows the avatar of the user with the latest reply or a group of user avatars of users who have participated in a topic. Personally I also would prefer to see who started a thread without having to click on it. I am not sure if that is a conscious choice to do it this way as people might filter attention depending on who created a topic, but personally I prefer to see that as well when looking around for an interesting thread. As a matter of fact, I generally find it more important to see who created a thread than who posted the latest reply to it when deciding whether I want to read the thread. The group of avatars of those individuals who replied to it is also pretty useful I will admit.
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I agree with point 1, would be nice with some alternative viewing/display options for the variety of different preferences our community members have.
That being said, I would not want to see current resources diverted away from the current goals and projects.
For me this is more of a nice to have down the road once we have grown some more!

point 2 - On PC at least, not sure about mobile - if you hover your mouse over each little avatar it provides you with information.

  • The first one is the original poster
  • The middle ones are frequent posters
  • The last one is the most recent poster.
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Thank you for the clarification on point two, NexChapter. I had not realised that yet. It is a nice feature. Maybe an optional feature to also display that functionality on the category and latest posts page would be helpful.

I do agree that this kind of feedback is not a priority item by any means over other items that contribute directly to the bottom line, so it indeed is not an issue at all if such improvements take place somewhere in 2021.

I also noticed something else that can potentially be improved down the road (a low priority item):


The selected category (‘Feedback’ in this case) does not quite fit nicely in its blue area. At other locations this blue area is larger relative to the size of its text: