Nash coin $GUARD: Guardian Circle ('friends & family 9-1-1') referral program just launched

Hi everyone,

The token for Guardian Circle app – $GUARD - which trades on Nash, just launched a referral program, thought we should make everyone aware of it. You earn for download, referrals and answering Alerts.

We’re seeing a LOT more app downloads during COVID-19 as people worry about 9-1-1 or official response starting to break down or become overloaded.

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 6.50.36 PM

You earn 10 $GUARD for each referral. If your referee uses your referral link OR is invited to become your Guardian and registers, they also earn 10 $GUARD.

There are two ways to refer:

  • Use the SHARE feature in the Guardian Circle app. This will allow you to post your link with referral code to Twitter, Facebook, whatever. You can also find your referral link in your Profile.
  • Send someone a Guardian Invite in the app. (They must be a new user for you both to earn $GUARD.)

The rate of 10 $GUARD per referral will decrease over time, so you want to refer sooner rather than later.

Also: please note that there is some delay in processing $GUARD Rewards to accommodate anti-fraud measures. You should get your $GUARD within 24 hours.

So. Come for the coins. Stay for the safety. And then trade $GUARD on NASH.


seems to me this company is desperate, since i have also seen shilling attempts on telegram. There are quite some more alert apps, and having a currency doesn’t make it better or better equipped.
But good news that this can be traded on nash, it makes good hopes for the future for other projects.

I don’t know what your problem is. If by ‘shilling’ you mean a once in six months update on the the result of some very hard work we’ve been pouring into this thing – and its sudden new relevancy given the COVID crisis and ability to help save lives – then yeah, guilty.

For the rest of you, here’s a lengthier ‘shill’ I mean considered corporate and product update on how we’ve been pushing to keep this project going – and where we go from here.

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I dont know if you are the same person as on the unofficial telegram, but there were more posts then that one update. Asking where to advertise the best, but with the question you mention the new referal program etc. Then again today or yesterday you had to post it again. Now the nash forum as well.
It looks desperate and with - in my opinion - zero use cases, it might as well be desperate.

Your comment is really not adding anything to this and is only acting derogatory towards this poster. If they should or should not be advertising their product is an issue for the moderators/staff. If you have an issue, flag the post.