Nash cash uk

Anyone using Nash Cash from the UK -

Which bank account?
How long does it take ?
Fees for sending in Euro ?
Exchange rate ?

Im going to test it with a RBS account over the next couple days


I’ve used it and it works fine, I’d suggest you changing your pounds for euros in platforms like revolut rather than a bank as you probably will get a better exchange rate, then you can send from there your euros to Nash.


I’m in Scotland and have used it a few times now. I’m with Bank of Scotland and it usually takes about 5 business days in my experience. No fee’s for sending Euro’s for me and standard exchange rate. Don’t worry about the time limit once you accept the quote, usually mine are expired by the time my payment goes through but it still works. Let me know how long yours takes because support said that was longer than usual and my bank says Euro transfers should take no longer that 2 business days.

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