Nash Cash more options and Night Mode for the Nash App


Is it possible to have an option in the future where the cryptocurrency is sent to, for example, the Nash channel or the Personal Wallet? I personal don’t want to hold my crypto on the Nash Channels and so we don’t have the fees to send back the crypto from the Nash Channel to the Personal Wallet.

When can we have the night mode for the Nash app? :joy:

Thanks for your great work Nash Team.


All of these are confirmed to come. No ETA though.


Very nice suggestions, will pass these on to the dev_team


Thanks a lot :+1:t2:

I think this will increase the cost of purchasing crypto, as it will need to be transferred on L1.

Yeah there can be still a 0% fee option an a X% fee directly to the personal wallet. I think that fee will be lower then the smart contract fee.

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Yhea, that might be right.
It would be nice to have the option

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