Nash Cash is now live in Europe!

We are pleased to announce the launch of Nash Cash in most of the European region. Users in eligible countries will now see Nash Cash under “Buy/Sell” within our web platform. Mobile functionality is coming as soon as app updates are approved.

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Is there a list with countries that are restricted from Europe ?

I think OldSport provided a graph of countries not included in one of the other threads

See @Oldsport’s post here:

Yeah I saw that, Bulgaria is in the list but I don’t have any access to nash cash :frowning:

In the drop down menu, where you select Buy/Sell, make a right click on it and choose open in a new tab.

Read it in telegram and it worked for me.

Lol, thanks it worked. But
" Your region is not supported
This feature is not yet available in your region."

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It might be worth making a ticket :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the help everyone. It seems Bulgaria can trade, but we can’t purchase with Nash Cash yet :slight_smile: The support was really fast, keep up the good work.


I’ve really looked forward to this update! I just attempted to make a deposit, however my bank requires Address/City/Country in addition to the name “Neon Exchange AG”. So I got stuck trying to complete the SEPA, I imagine this info should be available on the “Transaction Details” modal a long with the reference code.


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Here are the contact details to Nash and its Bank if needed:

Neon Exchange AG
Schaanerstrasse 27
9490 Vaduz – Liechtenstein

Maerki Baumann & Co. AG
Dreikönigstrasse 6
CH‑8002 Zurich

Last week I tried NashCash too, it was a really smooth experience, I’ll use it frequently in the future, that’s for sure! :slight_smile:


Nash Cash does not work

What do you mean?

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It’s hard to open. It worked. Sorry

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Alright, I used this and it worked. Took 2 days.
No fees is great though, I intend to use this as my main fiat bridge from here on out, as the fees I was paying ramped up to quite significant levels!
Good job Nash-team!