Nash Cash / additional payment solutions

Hey Nash Team, first off: great work you’re pulling off with the Nash suite of products.

Regarding Nash Cash; will there be other payment solutions implemented in the future? I’m thinking of:

Visa/MasterCard (debit or credit)
Bancontact (Belgium specific)
iDeal (Netherlands specific, once they’re on Nash Cash)

I have been using AnyCoinDirect for years as my on ramp to buy BTC, which is also sent directly to your own, non-custodial wallet of choice. I’m now changing to Nash Cash as I own NEX & it is to be common sense to use the product. But nevertheless, I was wondering if such payment solutions would be added to Nash Cash in the future?

Thanks for your info!


Yes, means of payment and coin selection will be increased.
We are working with partners to give a big upgrade into Nash Cash.


Thanks Fabio for your update!