Nash better solution than Lightning Network?

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Lightning Network is a layer 2 solution for Bitcoin which is meant to take Bitcoin off the chain and be used for instant payments with practically zero fees and unlimited scalability. Great on paper but there’s some serious issues with the current implementation.
One of the main issues is custody. Right now if you want to run your own node you need hundreds of megabytes of disk space and be somewhat tech-savvy which is just not an option for most users and impossible for mobile. So to combat this there’s custodial LN wallets like BlueWallet. So how is this an improvement over any other centralized payment service?
This is just one of many issues. Despite this there’s been lots of hype generated especially with celebs like Jack Dorsey promoting it and the “Lightning Torch” being sent around to different crypto influencers.

Anyway, my question is; can Nash become THE solution to Lightning Network utilizing its non custodial and off-chain protocols? With it should come many benefits like automatic currency conversion from and to crypto and fiat, stability and no limit on sending amount.

Just thinking of the many usecases Nash could have makes me so incredibly bullish. I think in the long term, we, the NEX holders will be very satisfied
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Why Nash twitter account still doesn’t have the blue verified badge? :thinking:

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Unfortunately you’re not able to buy such a blue verified badge. You have to earn it.

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Really? So how is the blue verified barge earned? I know many Twitter accounts with fewer followers than Nash that have got it.
I know a crypto company that got the barge late last year with under 50,000 followers.

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This is about the same for Instagram, facebook etc. Selection takes a long time and is hard! But I’m sure Nash is working on this!