Nash Beta Launch UX Discussion ONLY

Congrats to everyone for making it to 31 March 2019.

Just wanted to make a thread where the lucky ones who get early invitation for beta Launch can leave their comments, thoughts and any screenshots of the beta exchange UX :wink: .

Community members who do get invitation please reply here with a quick YES so we can keep a tally/count of how many people getting invites per day.

I hope this thread will save time for other community members looking for beta launch news/update etc.

I can’t wait for my invite :smile:


Has anyone received invitations left?

I thought everyone one will be able to use the beta version who are signed up here. But now I am seeing different mater.

The Beta will be opened to a group of selected community members, then increasing the numbers gradually AFAIK. @rubel

Thread makes sense. Check your email inbox today, they said the chosen ones will be receiving an email with an invitation.

I know it’s offtopic to this thread, but does anyone know why Nash shifted from giving access to all community members to the beta on 31. March to giving some of the community members such access?

Here is a reminder of what Fabio said during NEO DevCon:

First batch has already received the invitation. We have to wait for april 27th now. Also, the first batch is under NDA, so do not expect any screenshots/videos

@rahil As far as I know it was for another type of testing (I think security), and the beta launch scheduled for today is purely for user experience.

I dont think so! The beta is already launched. The first batch should have posted some videos or screenshots by now if that was the case

@rahil you said they were under NDA, so why should they post videos or screenshots?!

“yes, between today and tomorrow all community members will have a invite for the beta, the time they can access it will vary.”

Those won’t be under NDA

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@rahil please dont confuse everyone.

There was a NDA 1 to 1 interview with nash team some time before Beta.

Right now, in a few more hours or so, the first wave of community members will be able to try out the nash exchange, with NO NDA. They will receive some kind of notification from the nash team should they be selected.

This means they can share their opinion out freely to ANYONE, including outside this forum, such as Facebook, Instagram, Medium, alt blogs, Twitter, Youtube etc…, most importantly to the nash team so the user experience can be improved!

I hope that is the case!