Nash Beta invite code dont work

dear nash team, why do I get this message when I press on my beta invitation link?32

The procedure for accessing the beta is simple. After 14 April, you will be able to register a Subgame account using the following link:


ok good. :+1: Thank you very much. :nash_token:

So that will be the 15th?

can i please have the Beta Test invite code

Thanks in advance

@canesin Please would you be so kind and enable log in for me again.
I had issues in the subgame and since then i cant log in again. It would be great to commence testing.
Thanks in advance

Hey mate,

You might have to click on the original subgame link again to recreate a new account. I noticed a few people had the same issue in the Subgame thread and this appears to be the fix.

thanks Peter, I try it.

hi friend, the same thing happened to me and I contacted me @ chris.fenwick of the staff of Nash and asked me to send an email to with my data to generate a new invitation code

thanks mate,
i try it and hope i can log in again.

Still have the same problem, can´t use the beta invite code link,… tried it now for almost 2 weeks. but today start the Equilibrium, so i think, no more chance for me?

I think beta is closed. Equilibrium is yet to open.