Nash awareness

Hello everyone,
I just have a suggestion and I want to see if the team are consider to do it, my suggestion for the team is doing a 30s or maybe 1m video for the social media explain each Nash feature in a simple way, I think it is very important to share how easy to use the platform so when it launch every one want to try it, it will help both the crypto community and the platform to grow.


Good idea on the short videos. Thinking that would be a good idea to explain how Nash works with short, to the point clips. For example, videos on Funds management/key management, fiat gateways, trading via state channels and matching engine, cross-chain trading, Nex being a security token and how staking works etc etc.

There’s a lot to take in to fully understand everything about the project and explaining it that way, via Twitter/instagram/youtube, could be ideal.

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I think word of mouth is one of the best way to get more users too… when users like how nash exchange works… the word will surely just spread like a virus. Multiplying more and more into nash

I agree. Word of mouth is definitely the most powerful marketing tool available.

I have a short list of friends who I think could be interested in this space and when the exchange is live I’ll take the time to guide them trough their first crypto/Nash on boarding experience.

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Hahaha…Thye dont no till now when there product will be ready…We are waiting for past one year and there is no confirmation or anything …

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Backend is still going on, including mobile, payments, btc protocol trading. It doesnt mean other features arent moving forward when exchange hasnt launched. Look at bakkt and fidelity, they have also delayed their launch.

I would rather the exchange launch with success, like how bakkt and fidelity works now.

I agree with the author. Nash has a great website - it is clear, concise and not too lengthy IMO. It would also be great if there is a short clip explaining the benefits of using Nash - highlighting the main features and benefits. Emphasis can be places on e.g non-custodial, which is what attracted me into Nash, and explaining what it really means since non-custodial can be quite a technical term.

People will share and talk about the exchange/product if it is good, but not everyone has the luxury of having friends who use it. I humbly believe a short clip would be beneficial in the long run as an animated video is easy to watch. Perhaps the Nash team can consider this after the launch of the exchange.

Beside the team (which will certainly have lots of things at hand at launch time), theses videos/tutorials can easily be created by us, hodlers (I’m sure there are some tech savvy Nash-Aficionados who will be keen on doing it).
Like for instance, this video about how to buy NEX :