Nash at Consensus [Floor plan]

(.) #1

Great to see Nash attending Consensus. Small point: Floor plan site navigation offers opportunity to add Nash’s info (click on Nash’s booth). Can we add ?

(Crypto Fox) #2

They have got the best room in entire building. Congrats!!

(Mao Mao) #3

raise awareness and get this opportunity to hire more devs. good thing~!

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(Trust Yourselves ) #4

@clare please post lots of Instagram stories up when you guys are at Consensus. Many of us eager to see the stand etc.

(FCC) #5

@Trust_Yourselves we will not put a stand and do public presentations. We will have a full media room, our focus on Consensus is more media and B2B related. That is the same reason we are not broadcasting our presence with all forces on the general public channels, is more an job for our PR team :wink: .

(Trust Yourselves ) #6

Ok. thanks for your update. Many of the community may have been thinking you were having a stand and/or doing an on stage presentation.
So, its a room that consensus goers can walk into and talk to the Nash team along with viewing the products. Ultimately getting media attention. Got it

(Guardian Circle) #7

Guardian Circle / $GUARD will be at Consensus as well. (Well. I will be there Sun - Weds. I suppose that counts :slight_smile: ) Who else from the NASH community will be attending?

(FCC) #8

Me, Ethan and Tom.

(Guardian Circle) #9

Ah very cool! I’ll see you there. Anyone else from this Community (other than official NASH folks, users of