Nash as an NFT store?

With the rise in popularity of NFTs, could Nash be a go-to place for buying and selling NFTs?

This is a growing industry and it is still early enough to capitalize on it.

Nash has the perfect infrastructure for the best NFT marketplace in the industry because of the following products;

Nash Cash - exchange your fiat to buy an NFT or cash out if fiat for selling your NFT
Nash Link - integration with various websites, if buyer’s and seller’s currency is not matched then NL is used (with Nash exchange in the background).

There could also be auctions and some interesting marketplace features.


Thoughts on this @Kellogg?

I realize lots of stuff are already in the pipeline but Nash has the perfect infrastructure to be the ultimate NFT shop and it is early enough to position itself as a leader in this segment. This is a growing industry but not as saturated as some other areas where Nash is competing. I know your resources are limited and you have already streched out the development on several key areas but in this case I would advise you consider outsourcing most of the work to the community.

Maybe we can build a dApp on top of Nash that you would support and decide on key things. We have plenty of talented and smart people with great skills that would be eager to contribute to Nash, this is an idle capital that is ready to be used. Maybe Nash could announce some kind of a program that would incentivize the community to organise itself and build this project from ground up with minimal efforts from the official Nash team (deciding key items and connecting the final product into Nash). Our community is certainly worth giving a shot.

CC @canesin

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