Nash as a wallet for Brave browser?

How feasible would it be for nash to integrate with that browser, given they’re exploring “other withdrawal options” and that BAT is already listed here? (team could already be on it for all I know, sorry if this ruins the surprise!)

I have no interest in doing KYC for an Uphold acc that I’d solely use for BAT with that browser, but I’ve already done KYC for nash, and I’ve seen quite a few youtubers using Brave Browser. Thoughts? Would it require much work?

Is connecting an Uphold account my only option?

We are working to bring other withdrawal options and vendors, apart from Uphold, to Brave Rewards.


Love the idea! That’d be such a smart and strategic move.


What a great idea!


This makes a ton of sense @ethan @canesin

This is why my Brave Browser wallet is still not activated or whatever. I don’t want to give Uphold my information, if I could just use Nash then I’d activate it right away. If they’re looking for options it could be a match made in heaven. I do have my Nash extension installed on Brave so that’s something I guess?

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This would be great! I hate the uphold brave wallet so much, like sooooo much. It’s the worst. Nash integration would be great!

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Also doesn’t Brave have monthly active users in the millions? Could be a nice way to bring awareness and users to Nash. Again a really great idea.


If Brave listed nash as a wallet option, I could probably get somewhere between 10,000-40,000 users to download and install their browser; it’d make things easier. No point in me mentioning them unless we’re listed on there first though.

I think it’s 8-something million active-monthly, and ~3 million daily users.

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So no feedback on this proposal?

I agree it would be a great move.

No response from them. But now that I’ve thought about it I wonder if that could be because of nOS? :man_shrugging:

Nash has a partnership with nOS and isn’t nOS like a web browser or something as well?

nOS is an interesting project, but I’d find it hard to believe its partnership with Nash would be preventing Nash to partner with other crypto projects, considering that:
1/ let’s face it, Nash has more weigh
2/ Not even sure nOS and Brave are pursuing the same goal: nOS is building upon dapps whereas Brave is more inline with a traditional browser use

That being said, I find it a shame and damaging that they don’t take the time to answer on such a good community idea: we might as well migrate to the unofficial subreddit :confused:

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I have already Migrated to unofficial subreddit. This has become an echo-chamber. And there is always a risk of getting kicked out if you are brave enough to say what it is.

I too think it is a great idea!
I am sure @canesin will reply in good time!
post is only 22 days old plus considering what time of year it is! :slight_smile:


I think that is a great idea, unfortunately is not a “open” thing so depends on Brave demonstrating interest. We are interested and have contacted their bizdev.

@Oldsport I agree there has been low team participation, we have been all a bit too busy but should dedicate more time here.


Hi guys,

Maybe we can collectively help with this. Here’s my attempt at catching their attention:


Use Brave too, and really love the idea !



The Binance widget on Brave’s privacy-oriented browser instills a safer way to buy and sell crypto

This configuration also means that Brave does need to worry about Know Your Customer or Anti-Money Laundering compliance, relying instead on the partner exchange.

Additionally, the Binance widget is built into Brave

They have an odd notion of “safety”, buddying up with a criminal enterprise; why not kraken, coinbase or gemini? Oh well, at least we know where they stand. If I can’t toggle that binance widget off, I’ll probably reinstall chrome. Might just do it out of spite.

I ‘temporarily disabled’ my binance account 3 weeks ago (I don’t believe they allow users to outright delete their accounts?)