Help Nash: Your favorite crypto YouTube channels?

LOL, this guy (Ivan on Tech) admires CZ and all his scammy projects. What are you even talking about?


Anyway, @clare you don’t need to choose a champion, sponsored project loose instantly credibility from the audience, so many scam ICO have been only about that. The remaining community in crypto would prefer an interview, motivated by the curiosity of the Youtuber in question, like the one from The Crypto Lifestyle, but with better audio next time…

But of course, to have higher visibility, you would rather choose big channels, and they won’t be free…


fair point, but surely Youtubers can interview Nash without looking like shillers…'cos Nash is actually solving some big problems likes security, compliance, manipulation…


Crypto Daily is my favorite, just because he is entertaining!


Datadash, Chico Crypto, Nuggets News, are the three most trusted sources I refer to.


I also used to follow Chico Crypto, but got annoyed by his bashing.

The Modern Investor is my most favorite channel for daily news, but he doesn’t do interviews or paid advertising. Then there is Ready Set Crypto, DataDash and Sunny Decree who keep me updated and Crypto Daily for some fun moments.

I follow To The Lifeboats for in depth (technical) news on Ripple and XRP, but I don’t think that is an interesting channel for Nash.


I like the shows of Brad Laurie ( Blockchain Brad) and Crypto Lark. But not sure if they are still active :slight_smile:


I have seen some of their videos. Brad did two big interviews with Nash and Crypto Lark mentioned Nash in one of his video’s. They are still making videos.



The former also uses Brave broswer; one of the reasons why I was wondering about nash possibly acting as a wallet there

It feels like all of the youtubers are either slightly negative or oddly silent/avoidant for whatever reason, otherwise we’d get at least a few mentions every now and then. I guess all the channels only cover projects that bribe them, despite what they all say. Even when mentioning DeFi projects specifically, we’re excluded every single time. I find it really weird because some people say that nash is “overhyped”, and then there’s this dead silence on YT among the more popular channels which says the complete opposite.


People still don’t take Nash seriously because of the low volume, lack of trading pairs and rather slow process. WE are the fans of Nash. Others just don’t need it now (or don’t know that they need it). They just use Coinbase and Binance. Hence they just don’t care.


As we want to attract traders, therefore we also must consider trading and technical analysis channels.

These include Sunny Decree and crwon’s crypto Cave, Tone Vay’s channels. These are the one I Know.


Personally I always check:


Tone Vays is a CLOWN. FYI he already has an “opinion” on Nash “that’s built on top of the Ethereum and on top of the EOS”. It’s just embarassing.


True, he won’t take anything seriously expect BTC…

@clare Would be nice to make a poll once you preselected your influencers!


agree …Tone’s audience is basically BTC supremacists with a bearish bias :rofl:


well, also influencers that are BTC-minded could be targeted… since they like to talk about “to store your BTC in a safe non-custodial place, own your keys, pay with BTC, etc” often…

If nash is ready with BTC-pairs they might want to talk about it :slight_smile:


@clare We will also need region specific influencer also.
I am from India. As I know moneyguru you tube channel has 400K followers. His credibility is low but the number of followers is really high.

Open4profit.150K followers but low credibility


I want to give a shout out to @DrJ @sharkie @Vic9t @Hitesh @kazanchev @Vaugrin @Crome @Gorlim1981 @Hatertots @Moon @Mr_Belfort @Kwicks @NexChapter @NeedForSpeed @W4rf1ght3r @Oldsport and finally, with their first post on the :nash_n: Community @ddak!

I would like to clarify that these folks won’t necessarily be asked/approached to be an influencer. This list will give us an updated broader view of where our primary user persona gets some of their information. Whether a person watches Ivan on Tech or Crypto Chico both insights and all points of view are valuable and come without judgement.

@Vic9t if there comes a time where we would like some input on influencers we will definitely reach out but @carla and the leadership team have a pulse on that.

As an aside, you should know that seeing some of your handles in Twitter defending our mission, vision and values does not go unnoticed and for that we have enormous gratitude.

I will close this topic in the next few hours but please don’t hesitate to message me directly if you think of another channel.




Okay since that’s the case here are a few more I’ve watched that others have not mentioned, hope it is helpful:

Bob Loukas

The Dollar Vigilante

Crypto Bobby

Crypto Zombie


Doug Polk Crypto (though he doesn’t upload regularly)