Nash as a DeFi Aggregator?

Hello Nash team and community, while listening to Kellogg’s presentation today I realized that if Nash continues to integrate Defi platforms then Nash can become something like a DeFi aggregator that is a one stop shop where all of the Defi world is integrated smoothly into one secure and noncustodial wallets + payments + fiat ramp + layer 2 exchange. Is there anything that exists like that currently in the crypto space? I can’t think of any.

I’ve found that using the Nash app with wallet connect, to connect to dapps like Rarible and also using it to connect to Uniswap and trade Nex feels very comfy indeed.

So is this kind of what the new Nash strategy is about? Seeing Aave tweet about Nash today gives some much need attention and validity.

Also I’m not sure if @Kellogg saw this but Yearn is interested in partners:


I recall this being brought up in Telegram, and Kellogg acknowledging it. :ok_hand:


If we can nail this then NASH can be really big in this space , getting all excited now :tada::tada: