Nash Article on Dapp Life (with Fabio Canesin)

Some nice tidbits in here regarding the plans immediately post MVP launch.


Great article, informative enough! this should be shared to everyone outside…

July? wow I thought I was ready and about to leave

Good article!

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If it really only starts in July I wonder why we do not get an answer here …

Because i guess everything stays as planned unless communicated

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That is correct, we will communicate. We have been working internally on the past few weeks on determining dates and related milestones, as soon as those are established we will communicate to our community. We know very well that expectations are high and we are at the spotlight lately so we are taking a conservative approach.


Yes, the crypto community has very high hopes on nash. One reason i think is because we, the users need a DEX exchange like yours. ALL DEXes out there are so hard to use and also slow while CEX are unreliable, they hold your funds in custody and they can stop you from withdrawing your money, assets and they can be hacked or stopped from operating from new regulations.

A great job well done. Hope you guys have been hiring talents and speeding up developments lately. Can’t wait for more information releases!!!

Well done to the team. My suggestion, I think it might be necessary to postpone the referral program activation deadline of 17th of June. The prizes are huge and is therefore necessary to give enough time for as many users a possible to register and activate their account. This way Nash can derive maximum benefit from the campaign.

Think team will be able to make such decision based on data rather than speculation.
For example if they see only 10 percent has activated tickets, that may be a data driven indication to postpone.

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