Nash app

is there a official link to the nash app ?


Why even publish an app before going live? This communication strategy is pretty weird

Because the purpose of this app is to provide easier KYC when the platform is live. People can prepare for launch and download the app on forehand.

Sure but you dont want to risk getting bad reviews/fud from ignorant folks.

Apple Store has the possibility of doing two steps, first review that usually takes up to two weeks than publish. So an approved app can stay sitting without being public.

On the Play Store the review process can take from a few hours to 3 days and the app is public (but can be withdraw) after approval, since there was a lot of people asking me about the legitimacy of the app I decided to share that it was indeed legitimate. While fuddesters will down vote as the sock puppets would do either way it will at least not have improper labeling.

So in the end is not a communications strategy, the mobile team submitted for approval and it got approved in only 6 hours for the Play Store, after that it was public and people was already aware of it.


We can not do kyc yet using the apps is that correct?

We have to wait till the exchange goes live.


Thank you.

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You welcome