Nash App Re-designed

Hi Team Nash :blush:

I am a digital designer from Denmark and since i had nothing else to do, I decided to try doing a re-design of a page in the Nash App.

Maybe you can use it for inspiration.

(The design is for iPhone 7/8 if you want to see it on a phone)


  • Mathias



@matnex This is really nice in my view. I like the clean appearance of the different coins on the left side. Also the bigger size makes it more catchy for the eye. The page looks very tidy. There is nothing confusing anymore. Every item is well positioned and there is enough space for a touch. :ok_hand:

I hope the team will appreciate your proposal!

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Wow I really like that. Thanks for spending your time on this.
Most I like the centered balance and + sign. looks way better!

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I can suggest also landing page


Wow, so much dedication here! Nash has a great and well skilled community! :heart_eyes:

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