Nash App & Exchange Volume 24h

Hi, I was wondering if the Nash App has any other functions than to verify? I did it within 5 minutes and it was a smooth experience. I would love to use Nash on my mobile now but not sure how it is done?!

2nd Question: Is there a way to track daily trading volume about Nash?

They will add features to it in the future. This is just the beginning :slight_smile:


Cant wait :slight_smile:
I just want to replace Nash with my current mobile bank account…that would be sweet.


There are five phases for the mobile app planned. First is the KYC system, after the wallet features, than a small payments enablement, trading and final Nash Pay form.

  • Phase one is online.
  • Phase two is in implementation (already went through several user testing rounds).
  • Phase three designs are mostly done, to enter user testing soon.
  • Phases four and five are in requirements drawing still, after that it will go to design than user testing, design refine and implementation.

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Hi I can only see the 24hrs Volume this way and calculate for myself what is:

No available API at the moment I guess.

I would like to know to, I want to show the current volume inside my Telegram bot. But I need an api for it.

Maybe this is what you’re looking for?