Nash announcements on community forum

Hi @carla,

I find it a shame that Nash announcements are not added here. I follow Nash’s Twitter account closely, but maybe some people aren’t.

Any reason for that? :slight_smile:


I agree, the communication is not the best, and on the Nash community forum it seems that Fabio is the only one really active…

Each channel has a voice and a purpose, whether it is to communicate, inform or establish relationships. The Nash Community is a space for our community to express themselves, exchange ideas and interact with the team. Its main purpose has never been to serve as an announcement outlet, but to let users discuss what interests them most about the project, make suggestions and provide feedback. The interactions here are often used as an indicator to better understand your needs when we are improving the product or producing content. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok fair enough. But then I guess you should retire the Announcements category.

There are exclusive community initiatives that deserve to be highlighted, but whenever it makes sense to revisit an idea, we will certainly do so.

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