Nash and telegram channels

I was happy Nash didn’t have a telegram channel because it mostly created noise. I am part of all the unofficial channels and spends good amount of time reading messages. Is there a plan to create official nash telegram channel ?

I am a die hard fan of nash but suspending # Konijntje from community channel after getting more than 271 likes on his posts ? He also created youtube video talking about nash. Was this decision based on other individuals/ambassador input ?

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It has been mentioned briefly that there will be an official Telegram group, so stay posted for that.


#Konijntje posts are so toxic that it doesn’t matter to me whatever positive contributions he has made to the community. The big part of the problem is that he is always available on the forum, posting so many times everyday with a lot of negativity. So, banning him is a good thing in my opinion. I know he is active in another exchange telegram group and he’s a very different person there.


why do you care so much for someone who has nothing to do with Nash? Seems like you are just trying to create a problem for no reason. The admins/ambassadors have done a good job since the start of the creation of the unofficial telegram and have in general been very lenient in trying to keep the peace. The job is pretty much 24/7 and they are doing it out of their own free time to moderate and are doing the best they can. Don’t bring your own agendas here please over one individual who probably has his own agenda too.

Again, i cant stress enough how this individual mentioned has nothing to do with Nash. He is just a community member like everyone else and we should all be pulling in the right direction

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don’t make any conclusion when trying to have a discussion.

Telegram channels are a pain. If nash is trying to create an official channel, better come up with some solid rules rather than muting / banning for no reasons.

I have been in nash channels for more than 2 years, and if someone wants to ban me for talking this, i am fine too. Better to get banned after saying what you have to say rather than silent

why did care for someone who has nothing to do with nash ? because that person had the courage to create a nash video (i will never have the guts create any video), and he has done decent comments and suggestions here and in channels.

It was shared with me some screenshots of a set of people discussing a FUD campaign, that has zero tolerance from the team. While we need to be grateful for the past - we need to protect the community and the future. Either way we will be keeping tabs how things progress.

Regarding Telegram, on this past 2y lots of things went on different directions than they could - crypto has not grown much and Twitter and Telegram have become main channels, is important for us to go where the users are when we are thinking about growth, which is our mindset for this second half of the year. We will have team members admin the channel, so I hope we can make our mission and values reflect on that channel as we have strive to do on others: Our community values and strategy