Nash and privacy coins

I’m interested, what the legal framework allow nash to do with privacy coins. To mention some coins I’m thinking for example of Monero, Dash, ZCash, …
Can we expect listings in the future from coins of this category? If no, what are the reasons?


As a regulation compliant exchange, you will need KYC to enjoy all features on Nash. So, if they list privacy coin…it will not be private at all.

A lot of exchange will delist that kind of token because of FATF. All exchange operate in G20 territory have 12 months to be compliant with FATF.(DYOR)

Nothing confirm by team, but i don’t think they will list coin like Monero or something.

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Anon coins facilitate criminal activity and as regulations become more stringent exchanges will be forced to delist (Upbit & OKEx).

If it wasn’t private then why would FATF care … fact is i think its a short hop skip and a jump … they may know u bought them (if Nash gives up ur KYC info) but they wont know where they went and what u did with them.

there is good use cases for privacy coins… if u sent USD-C from Nash to ur ledger then to a retailer … that would be publicly traceable… back to ur ledger account… u think thats cool? because its not … and doesnt happen in the current banking system

I think Nash if they can most certainly should provide privacy coin and i think the team would agree with OP

Edit : DYOR lol … that was a underhanded comment

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Was not a underhanded comment at all.

Because I think good research on last FATF report is important to really understand how it will be crucial for exchange project in future, period.