Nash and NEX - Canada

Months ago, when I was under the impression that Nash exchange would soon be open to Canadians, I ‘moved’ some crypto tokens from Binance/NEON/etc to Nash wallets. Now, with NEX/NEO at an all time low, I am eager to add NEX (as I am still a firm believer in the project). I realize that NEX was not going to be listed on Nash anytime soon, but if I were now able to trade some of my tokens on Nash for NEO and then use Switcheo to buy more NEX, that would certainly be preferable to sending tokens back to Binance first. Aside from the extra work and tx fees, I had hoped that I was done with Binance for good. Anyway, that’s my rant. @Team, any update on Canada would be much appreciated. I believe that Nash has a real opportunity to establish itself as a trusted exchange in Canada. I am sure many of us are aware of the Quadriga fiasco, and now there is more negative news about a second Canadian crypto exchange called Coinsquare:

Of course, we all know that most exchanges are faking volume, so this isn’t a shock to anyone familiar with crypto, but it certainly does not help the overall image of crypto exchanges to the general public. But what an opportunity for Nash to market itself as a reputable exchange for Canadian crypto traders!


Theres definitely an opportunity to capture a market share in canada :slight_smile:

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Definitely agree, big opportunity in Canada at the moment!

+1 for me.

The team has stated several times that they don’t comment on regulatory progress though. We’re in the dark until it happens, unfortunately.

Yup, we just have to wait and hope it happens soon. Until then we will use our sketchy exchanges and hope they don’t implode one day :wink: