Nash and Global currency digitisation

Hello Team. With more and more countries testing digital versions of their currencies, do Nash think it will be possible to list these on the Nash exchange in the near future?.
If so what licencing requirements are needed and how difficult is it to achieve them?.
If it is difficult to obtain such a licence could Nash collaborate with an existing Foreign company such as XE, Transferwise or the likes?. Would this be worth doing or would it be better to wait out licencing?.
With the Global currency exchange market being an estimated 5.1 Trillion a day this seems like a very interesting market for Nash to be involved in.
Is it Nash’s intention to be part of this market and how soon could this happen?.
Thanks in advance.

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TRANSLATION: It would be good to anticipate the problem and do everything in advance to be able to list these tokens so as not to encounter the licensing problems that we have now.

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Nobody know how will be the regime of those currencies, there isn’t new legislation introduced yet. In special I expect they to differ greatly with some allowing self-custody and others (likely majority) not. Still requiring a banking intermediary.

How this intermediary relationship will be is also unknown, you can expect that only the biggest (state owned) banks will participate on the initial tests.

2 to 4 years from today for national digital currencies.


Just out of curiosity, could Nash comply enough with these national currencies that require a banking intermediary while still maintaining self custody of all other funds?

AKA, you can hold the USD in your Nash account and trade against it, but the funds are held through a bank intermediary while all your other assets are held by you. Or is this not feasible at all?