Nash and El Salvador

As you’ve all heard, Bitcoin is now legal tender in El Salvador

Businesses will be required to accept Bitcoin as payment, but they may choose to convert it to fiat at the time of sale

Citizens will be needing a non-custodial wallet

I feel there’s a huge opportunity for Nash to make a presence here. Nash has ALL the tooling and infrastructure El Salvador businesses and citizens will be needing, already built out.

I feel the only obstacles are legal permissions and obtaining banking partners in the region → both of which I’m certain the government and even the president himself would be happy to help speed along if they were made aware of how Nash can help

Has anyone from Nash reached out?

I would like to know that Nash is aware of this opportunity and is embracing it, or what the reasoning is for not making a move here, if such a move doesn’t make sense for Nash

Cheers everyone


The eyes of the whole crypto space are on El Salvador now. They will keep on El Salvador, as we all want to know how this will play out. What’s the experience for businesses and citizens. What tools and infrastructure are they using.

This is a huge moment for Bitcoin and for the world. Imagine if Nash became the wallet of choice for citizens. If Nash Link became the payment conversion tooling of choice for businesses. I think it deserves to be!


Latin/Central America is one of the markets we hope to expand to after raising Series A funding.


With the significantly reduced friction and increased visibility, respectfully I strongly suggest to work on expansion there at this moment. I mean at least reach out, tell their gov’t what Nash does and ask if they’re willing to work together

The cost/benefit has changed. There’s a huge opportunity in El Salvador right now. You won’t have to fight any kind of legal battles, you won’t have to wait on approvals, they are practically asking for exactly what Nash is!

You stand to gain massive name and brand recognition, onboard a significant percentage of their 6.5 million citizens, who would be daily active users, and do a whole lot of good in the process. Bringing this powerful technology to people who need it.

At the end of the day, as I said earlier the cost/benefit has changed since Nash developed its expansion strategy. As Jack Mallers said, this is the shot heard round the world for Bitcoin. Unless it doesn’t make sense or isn’t practical to do so (which could be the case for reasons I don’t know), let’s take advantage of it!


Man I don’t mean to be a jerk, but… crickets. I wanted to know that a company I’ve invested a significant amount in is able to keep up with evolving times. I wanted to know that if we’re not going for a presence in El Salvador during this momentous occasion in which a whole bunch of other crypto companies (with way less to bring to the table) are prioritizing a presence there, that it makes sense not to do so for practical or strategic reasons, and not because Nash’s strategy is so rigid it can’t evolve. I know as a mere investor I’m not owed any explanation, but I was hoping for a bit more substance as to why Nash isn’t or can’t making a play here. It literally seems the perfect platform for ES citizens, and there’d be almost zero friction to getting legal permissions and banking partnerships.

Did Chris not answer your question? What more do you want the company to be doing right now?

I wanted to know that a company I’ve invested a significant amount in is able to keep up with evolving times.

Personally, I want to know that a company I’ve invested in isn’t rushing into expansions before establishing the proper infrastructure, warchest, and regulatory clearance to do so. There’s no reason to take their lack of discussion here as a rejection to your post.

All in due time.