Nash- Amazing Name Can be Pronounced By all Ages

Dear Nashians

I Just found out That the Name Nash can be well pronounced by a kid learning to Speak and the Grand who has lost all teeth. In this case I give all the Credit to @localhuman @canesin @ethan and the entire team involved in rebranding, by considering this, the word NEX would be pronounced by both Kids and Grands as NESHT or NESH, So choosing the Nash as the Company name accommodate the Idea of 1 billion users by 2030, considering all age groups.

Please Nashians try to tell a baby say “Nash” and the Old man/woman as well, and share the outcome here

“The Dex is Nash”


the name is the least thing to worry about in my opinion. do not understand why folks make so much noise about the rebrand. The team had a valid reason to change it. I was working for a company where we were legaly allowed to use a certain trademark everwhere in the world except US and Cananda. This is a big challenge for a company because you always have to keep that in mind when you share things across the globe and it is hard to administrate in the long run. Some people like the name, some other might not but at the end the team made a decision we have to respect and accept and it was right to do so from my past experience.

@canesin @ethan did you protected “nash” as trademark globally to avoid another rebrand and trademark issues in future.


Cool. I found Urban Dictionary has applicable (with a twist) definitions too…


@NEX4EVER yes, we filed for global trademark protection


Except the Greeks. They have no “sh” sound.

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