Nash ahead of the game?

Assuming a lot of the new IEOs and some of the popular coins will be considered securities, Nash having to apply for a license to trade securities puts Nash ahead of most crypto exchanges. What do you guys think?

Coins being listed as a security by the regulator before it complys doesnt sound good to me. This is why nash is complaint even before their STO to make sure they are not breaking any reg rules mostly in US and EU.

Other than that, i believe nash has an edge over the current unregulated exchanges. Only when nash can list popular tokens fast, there will not be an issue. People want to use your exchange not because you are safe and easy to use, but also u have all the coins available for the investors to trade on.

I think FB libra will be listed on plenty of exchanges but it is a Security Token as well. So not sure if they are allowed or not? Switcheo lists Security Tokens so I assume it is ok to get listed anywhere. On the other hand if only regulated exchanges get the chance to list Securities and Nash is one of them just think about how many millions will be traded on Libra :smiley: but I think exchanges dont care so much…nothing bad can happen to them anyway.

Wrong : Libra is not a security (just read the whitepaper)