Nash Affiliates: Earn 50% more commission than in rival public programs!

Last week we launched Nash Affiliates, our new referral program! Designed with simplicity in mind, you just need to share your code to invite friends and earn 50% more commission than in rival public programs.

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I had in total 290 referrals, from the start. From the 290, I had 48 activated referalls.

“Statistics for existing referrals begin counting on 2 September 2020.”


So, in the last 5 days I have 0,00 commision earned, so 0,00 + 50% more = $ 0,00.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

What’s your point? If those 48 active referrals did no volume, you get nothing.

Maybe it’s time to “activate” them again :wink:


well if they’re not trading there is no volume to get commission from.


These are all probably replies from people with lesser referrals. I think the guy is right. More so because the referrals only last 6 months. And since the exchange has to little pairs to gain traction, the comparrison to Kucoin (who actually had a 1 year referral time which sucked as well since in the beginning Kucoin had also way to low volume to matter getring like $1 per month in the 2017 bullrun with 40 referrals)

I am sorry…but I think the program should last at LEAST 3 years. From experiance as marketeer, years of work as agent for numerous brands, I know you need to push and push and hopefully break even on time and cost the 3rd year. Specially with something as new and unknown as Nash, it is reallynot worth the effort to hussle everybody and their mother over to nash and mind you…those will be your friends, family in the first place so the damage to your relationship with people unfamiliar to the volatility of btc dropping 20% and they panic sell and blame you…for $1 revenue…no thank you.

If you get 5 years, then you will have time to tell them:" Hey…just install the app and “follow” btc…it’s kind of volatile, but just practice (practice accounts perhaps??) D.c.a and see how much you made in 6 months buying $100 of btc the same day those 6 months.

THEN you gain trust, a following AND people that know how your platform works. But by then your 6month referral is finished.

But then…who am I.


My point is, that it’s useless to get more referrals. It takes some time and zero commission.

I think they will trade on Nash, if there is more volume…
more volume -> more people
more people -> more volume

I see what you mean.
The way I see it, it’s more of an incentive to talk about Nash on your crypto journey with other crypto users. Moreover, they’ll be more likely to generate volume than your friends/family who’ve just discovered crypto.

It seems to short period of time to put in the effort. I think people are aware there will be no huge volume next 6 months and especially of theirs refferals.
If you just cannot extend 6 months period to year or 2,
maybe rather lower rewards on 10% and 1-2 years. I think it would be more interesting for all potential marketing efforts by individuals!

Thanks for your hard work!

Pretty sure it’s 6 months after the first trading activity. So if you refer a lot of people now, they would probably “use” nash when volume and growth is already significant. Then you can start counting your 6 months.
So , I think it wont reward you short term, but it could turn out to be very rewarding once growth happens. (Though it still depends on the quality of your referrals, but that’s how it should be. Otherwise the program would reward things that do not have any benefit)