Nash, a true DEX?

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There’s no such thing as a true DEX, and any exchange that claims to be 100% decentralized is full of s***.

There’s always some form of centralization, some worse than others. Exchanges built on their own blockchains are as bad as they come (bnb, waves).

For Nash the centralized component is the matching engine, I don’t care how much Nash says it’s going to decentralize in the future, it’s not happening, and that’s perfectly fine. The fact that it’s provably fair and compliant off-sets this centralized part and also there needs to be control over who can trade for AML/KYC reasons so it makes sense. The most a “DEX” can do really is reduce as much control as possible, in this case it’s the non custody across multiple chains. Nash controls who can access trading but never holds user funds. It strikes the perfect balance between centralization, compliance and decentralization in the form of multi-chain non-custody imo.

Also I was going to make a separate thread for this but I’ll just mention it right away. The best way to kill a competing DEX relying on its own blockchain is by listing that chain. Take Binance DEX for instance, listing their BEP2 standard would make Nash superior in every way. Why would people choose Binance DEX over Nash when on top of BEP2 there’s also other chains like BTC, ETH, EOS as well as fiat gateways and so on.

The marketplace that Nash is building and the protocol side are most exciting for me. Building the infrastructure that allows for relatively quick listing of chains and businesses to easily utilize Nash products is how we win this race. As another member mentioned, Nash has all the ingredients for a crazy flywheel effect.

People are crying about UI/UX bugs (I’m guilty of that as well :joy:) but that should be simple to fix and wouldn’t surprise me if everything works smoothly by launch.

Comment below, let’s keep the conversation going.

Happy easter everyone! :grin: :nash_token: :nash_n:

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I think Binance Chain doesn’t support smart contracts and isn’t worth it right now.

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You’re right technically speaking as long as you hold custody of your assets it’s a DEX. I’m not attempting to trash Binance but here is a good article pointing out all the aspects of why they’re not a true DEX.