NASH 101 - For New Users

I just published NASH 101
It outlines everything someone new to the project should know about it. Pass it along to anyone that is new to Nash! Just Nash It!


Great write up for newbies @NATENEX.

Great article. Thanks.

Thanks guys, much appreciated. Glad it is being received by the community well! :grinning:

good job mate

Thanks for the effort! We are happy to have community members like yourself.


Great contribution, @NATENEX with your permission I will translate into Spanish so that new members and users in the project should know about nash exchange.
I have a channel on twitter ( ), with love and humility I strive to evangelize the Hispanic community about Nash.


Wow good job friend, congratulations, I will hire your services when I launch my company to the stock market.

Of course, I just ask that you give credit. The more people we can educate the better.

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@Bitzion looks like medium flagged your post. The article is suspended.

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Hello @NATENEX, I already did the translation, I modified it a bit, but I appreciate that you have done an excellent job of research and summary. You can check it out ( link solved now ), I give you the credit. thanks bro :nash_token:

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