Hello Team,
I am curious if you already had a look into NANO? I know it’s a very own tech. Do you think it would be technically possible to have NANO on Nash?
From a legal perspective I assume it wouldn’t be a tough one because of it’s currency being.
Green, almost instant, no fees - wouldn’t that perfectly add value to NashLink?
Any thoughts?


Another thing came to my mind - Wouldn’t that also be the perfect way to send values/assets to nash channels from external sources?


I would absolutely love to have Nano in the Nash ecosystem! Even if just in the funds management system.

Nano was also distributed for free via a faucet so there is no risk legally with the coin.

The only issue I see is that there might not be a way currently for Nano to be traded non-custodial on L2. They don’t have smart contracts or anything so not sure how it would work technically, but it being in the funds management would be great!

In my opinion Nano is by far the best payment coin out there on the market and would be perfect for Nash Link. It is has instant feeless transactions, nothing better than that. Also if somehow it could be traded on Nash it would be an instant feeless way to get funds to and from Nash Channels.

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Once more and with regards to the l1 / Fiat ramp and especially anticipating the debit cards, wouldnt it make sense to have nano with its almost instant, no fees combination?

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Would love to see Nano as an addition to the Fiat pairings in the wallet and within the funds management system!

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