My thoughts on recent state of affairs

Nash recently updated us about the state of the referral program and the news of getting extended to December.

I always thought of this referral program as a way to reward early supporters in the form of a lottery, to bring users before Nash goes live and then launch another referral program when the platform launches. I would understand extending if return on investment wasn’t that good however from what it seemed in the last quarterly report the cost per acquisition was less than $0.3 bringing 32000 users, which is amazing by most standards. So it feels like flipping off early supporters by extending so far back which will bring the odds down significantly.

Idk it’s a little iffy to suddenly change terms when people spent a lot of effort promoting and bringing users to Nash so early on thinking they had a decent chance of winning something.

Also I’m wondering if referral codes will be a necessity to join the Nash platform after it goes live? Would be pretty bad to gatekeep like that, new users don’t wanna scout for referral codes to try Nash, you only get one chance at this, don’t blow it.


I feel you about the odds of winning.
However I must say I was only planning on promoting the referral program after this platform was operational anyways… And it better be good, because I dont want to look like a money grabbing clown while publicly evangelising this program. #trustyourselves

– Eminem - Lose Yourself

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I’m with @Alex on this one, hard to sell people on a referral for a product that doesn’t exist. Makes you sound like a shiller. So I’m actually glad they did this as it will give me time to use the platform and then show it to friends/family to get them to sign up. My odds were already really low so I don’t think it really makes a difference realistically at my chances of winning.


They should’ve held back on the ambitious “first” competition though, not good to go back on your word by 6 months like it’s no biggie.

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I’ll most likely be an optional input field.