My personal vision of nash is similar to the teams?

Hey Nash community members/team.

I’m just wondering, as this is majority of my portfolio, if I’m on the same track as the nash team’s long term vision?

  • Are you guys long term vision is to hopefully step away from the cryptocurrency exchange to an Exchange for all types of markets?

  • We can’t control the regulators and the speed of such, but as you guys generate revenue, scale upwards, is your vision to be globally adopted in equities, commodities, Real estate, etc etc etc?

  • If so how can nash scale upwards for the future, will neo 3.0 bring a much needed base to build on in terms of scalability? I have read that they do want to support enterprise.

My own belief on this project is all about adoption, I feel like Nash brings adoption from normal retail, institution, and potentially new demographics that wouldn’t usually particularly participate in the markets in itself… I feel like if you guys get this right, and since your the only in the space… you will have the most volume regardless if your project takes another 1 year to launch… thats my opinion. Big traditional money won’t be using unregulated exchanges, and retail investors are getting too scared to used centralized exchange.

This is my opinion, please share your personal feelings in regards to Nash Exchange, and why you invest in it? i’d like to hear more people.


@canesin @fabwa

Two major reasons I keep hearing for merchants to not accept BTC/Crypto has to do with 1) Volatility of the underlying asset 2) Knowledge and ease of converting that asset into Fiat (which their expenses are covered in)

The payments side solves both of these as it allows the user to pay in their preferred currency, and the vendor gets their settlement of choice while removing both 1/2. People compare the volume of other DEX’s, which is narrow minded in my opinion. The true potential comes from the additional volume of payment processing.

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Why invested?
Besides every well-known and extensively quoted expectations regarding the possible huge quality of the exchange, I invested for two reasons:

  1. I was expecting an exchange that offers all the features that I am used to from centralized exchanges while minimizing some of the risks of owning cryptocurrencies (“not your keys, not…”). Plus expecting BTC, Neo, Eth and LTC, there should be every currency I traded in the past. So, an exchange that is so good that I would exclusively use it myself. So why not invest?
  2. Getting more and more exhausted from trading I was very much looking forward to receive coins and tokens while not activley doing sth for it. Especially anticipating a longer red period in the market (honestly not that long :grinning:), this sounded like a promising way to additionally accumulate without having to spend additional time to do so.

Personal feelings?
Today I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand I still think that Nash has this very great potential and could become a big player in the next following years.
On the other hand (and with regards to the above explained expectations) I am not very satisfied at this moment. Margin trading disappeared when the roadmap v2 was pubished, BTC and LTC are not included in the later established definition of the “MVP” product. No doubt that these are still goals for the future and one day they will probably be achieved and very impressive, but it will probably take time to get all the features which were announced in the “Wertpapierprospekt” when participating in the ICO. This brings me back to the above stated reason #1. When I will get an exchange that has all the features to give up the other exchanges is uncertain.
Regarding my personal second above explained motivation to invest: Also mixed. Nobody honestly can deny that one day every investor can accumulate via his shares. But participating in the ICO this was expected to happen in Q4 2018. Later winter 18/19, then may/june/july, then … Until now that’s already 7 month without generating gains from fee sharing compared to what was initially expected. Not sure how long the red market continues or if we already missed it.

To conclude, sometimes the huge potential predominates my feelings that I want to swallow all the twitter and community hopeium and celebrate the promising possibilities. Recently I more and more tend to the feeling that I just want to finally get a working, publicly available exchange and then reevaluate the situation.
Summary of my bla bla: I have mixed feelings :grinning:


I feel your pain, i just hope there is a date in the next boston meetup or the price of our investments will decline, false hope has been kinda playing on my mind, if anything, the ICO should of been done this year, or 2 months ago? 3 months ago? as they were getting closer to an actual launch, all the hype in sept/oct/nov has kinda been gone, so that free marketing has receded, now it’s more of a joke about the length it takes to launch, people are making meme’s about it, so its a negative effect.

It is revolutionary in itself the technology and software needed for this massive project so thats been my excuse in my mind for the delays… but it does get hard.

I put in 20k usd, rode out coins to 3-4k my stack, then invested in nex’s ICO, and its only at 5.5k, i should of really got back to 20k if i held my stack through this bull market (last few months), so that does hurt personally… but thats not there fault obviously, it’s my own fault for investing too early… but then again i was in the understanding the exchange was much closer to launching from the ICO… i kind of feel like i’m in no choice but to ride NEX out and hope it does well…

the announcement in boston will hopefully bring something positive to launching, because as you said, i had intentions of receiving staking rewards by now, it’s not happened, and now i’m definitely considering if the ROI is going to be worth the wait.

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The ICO was needed to pay staff, overhead, and most importantly legal/regulatory requirements leading up to launch. Complying with the proper regulatory frame work is extremely expensive and time consuming.

They were stretched thin leading up to the ICO because of the delay in the security being approved. All indications are that the platformn will be launching very soon, so another month won’t hurt unless your looking for a quick flip.


@Nick11 I think that’s indeed a vailid point @JumpAround made here , given that the founders contributed equity of 50’000 CHF. At the time of the ICO there were already costs of around 170’000 for legal advice, 180'000 for external developers and 500’000 for personnel costs. So he's right that NASH needed additional money. (If this could have been done through the 12'500'000 from private investors, I don’t know.)

Anyway, thanks @Nick11 for the post, I always appreciate the controversial contributions and personal satisfaction if they are well explained.
Hope that you’ll end up well after the “NEX ride” :wink:

Last point:
To start on the right food, I hope you won’t perceive this as a personal attack or additional repetition of the already stated critique! It’s not meant to be!

  1. Closley reading most of the posts from day 1, I read this statement a lot of times. Usually whenever someone expresses some worries about the time passing without launch. Sure, maybe “the platform will be launching very soon”. Point is, you can read similar posts month after month. Now it is at least arguable if this weakens this statement or makes it more valid. (More development time should indeed make the “launching soon” more and more likely to be true VS. multiple "launching soon"s without launching creates uncertainty.)
    Same for “another month won’t hurt unless your looking for a quick flip”. I read this in different months. My point, until now it’s 10 months after the ICO, would you consider this as a “quick flip” in the crypto space? I personally don’t.
    Plus, to bring this back to “feeling”: I more and more get the feeling that some people here think that someone invested for short or middle term goals is a “morally worse investor”. But in fact even if I would have been here for the short term gains (I am not), I wouldn’t. My money (and the money from people I have talked into the ICO) would have been exactly as helpfull to NASH as theirs, the people I referred are as good as from anybody else. So if someone read the prospect and decided to invest expecting short term gains in Q4 2018, I think it’s legit even though I am not that person.

I should now probably extensively repeat why I have so much hope for the NASH success and all the positive things I see, but I am not gonna play the fan’s game.

@Nathaniel I just noticed that the $ symbols in my previous post disappeared. Is that a bug?
edit: here:

Nash vision in summary to answer your questions:

  • yes and no: we believe all types of markets will be moving to blockchain based solutions. We want to operate on that scenario, in which trading of those assets looks more like crypto today than they are in other services, it will take time (years) for those assets to be digitized. Building a cryptocurrency exchange today is a way to seek a profitable market to fund the continued development of the company in the short term.

  • yes, see answer above.

  • The way we scale to the future: people, hiring good talent. We will continue to be network independent for the foreseeable future so our success is not strictly dependent on the success of one or another network.