My Metamask and Uniswap experience, what is yours?

There is token that I want from Uniswap and I send my ETH from Binance to Metamask for 7$ (all good). Also I had SNX (around 350$) on my Metamask, so I decided to go on uniswap and swap to ETH, Uniswap ask minimum 24$ fee, I pay, than after that Metamask ask 80$ fee also, I reduce to 30$, transaction fails, they take my 30$,then I decided to put more gas and they take another 40$ but transaction again failed, than there is option to swap direct on metamask but they ask for 150$ fee, I reduce to 30$, transaction fail and they take money, in the end I send SNX on Binance for 30$+, change to ETH and again pay only 7$ fee for Binance, in end to swap SNX from metamask I lost around 250$. I write this for others to see what is happening and how Metamask and Uniswap is one big nightmare to use.


Sorry to hear this… I think there’s only one thing worse than paying ridiculously high fees, it’s having to pay for failed transactions :pensive:

Being crypto-literate isn’t enough anymore to trade on Uniswap. You have to be rich as well.

Nash fixes that. One day everyone will know.


Don’t trade on Uniswap Sushi or metamask without having the following open. Saves time and wasted fees. You can see the live Gwei price and estimated times for transactions. can do the same with other tools but this is what i use. Hope it helps.

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When you trade with Metamask or Uniswap they have inbuilt gas and gweni, and go up to 180$ in fee, and when you reduce it they take your money and transaction is failed.

I used this one : 266 Gwei | Ethereum Gas Tracker | Etherscan

But it does not work, you will have only failed transaction and 0$ on your account.