My first hand experience of "not your keys not your crypto"

(Waterfall) #1

Just having a very unpleasant and concerning experience with Bittrex. I haven’t used their exchange in a number of months but have had no communication from them either. Turns out my account has been disabled without reason and I cannot trade or withdraw the funds I have just sent to the my account. I immediately verified my account with passport and photo but it has still not been unfrozen. Now I’m sitting in limbo waiting to get access. Nash can’t come soon enough… I’ll be immediately taking all my trading there knowing I’ll always have control of my funds.

(Kazanchev) #2

Have you contacted the support? They answer very fast usually.

(Laurens) #3

I had exactly the same on bittrex. Apparently they sent an email that they would do that if you don’t KYC. Anyway. They don’t seem to fix this problem on the weekend. By now I hope you are already fine. I got my account enabled after some days. Just contact support and you’ll be fine

(Waterfall) #4

To be fair to bittrex they have now re-enabled my account.

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