My compliments to the support team


I would like to share my experience with the support team. I am very content with how friendly and quick the response is. Also, they go to great lengths to keep the customer happy.

What happened is that I was transfering neo from trading account to personal account and somehow it got stuck in pending state. I contacted support through live chat (which had pretty much zero waiting time). The issue had to be redirected to engeering team and in less than 24 hours support contacted me that they received feedback from the engeneering team. They found the issue and said it was a very rare edge case, which they already started fixing and fix should be deployed early next week. Also, the neo are not lost, they are still in the state channel contract.

With this, I would actually already be very content. Very quick response time and a friendly person to talk to in live chat. Also, the issue is found quickly and started on fixing it immediately. The support however went even further and send me the same number of neo that is stuck in pending state and told me I can keep both the neo he send me and the neo that will be released from pending state after the fix.

My compliments to the support team, this is very promising for the future. I think having this quick and friendly support will surely help a lot with customer retention.

Also complements to the rest of the team btw, I think the product is looking great so far. Just wanted to share the experience with support in particular :slight_smile:


Beautiful, extra mile service. #kudos

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Thanks so much for sharing the experience you had with the support team. I’d love it if the community took some time and shared the positives of using Nash (like your post) just as we are all sharing our concerns/feedback/suggestions etc. Not sure if the support team and devs/engineers etc have time to go through the threads but if I were in their shoes, I’d be ecstatic to see that the hard work is paying off and the community is acknowledging it. Extra bit of motivation I’m sure. Thanks again.

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I also have to say, that I’m pretty impressed by the quality of the support. Had a problem with pending-state transfers as well. One of the technicians immediately responded and solved the problem. He also told me, that they will integrate the fix in the exchange in one of the coming updates.

Good job, thumbs up!


Piling on here to say I also had a good support experience. I stupidly locked myself out of my account due to my 2FA clock being out of sync. Sent the email to support late Saturday night and by 11 this morning had a response and my account was re-opened. Brilliant response time and fixed my issue easily. Keep it up guys.