My 72 year old DAD signed up for Nash - any Cardano ADA investors in the Nash Community?

Hey Guys & Gals…been here since the ICO and obviously still in love with Nash. Just today I got my 72 year old Dad to sign up for Nash. It was quite a challenge for him to be honest but thats a different story.
The main reason I got him to sign up with us is because a friend and me created a Cardano Staking Pool called “ZEITGEIST” - We need every support we can to get this pool going. We are 3 days young and I was just wondering if peeps in the Nash Community might be interested to support a Nash related Pool :slight_smile:

I also really hope Nash will be able to list Cardano once smart contracts (Goguen) will finally launch in March 2021.

I would greatly appreciate it if one or the other of you would stake with ZEITGEIST and support our pool growth.
U can also follow me on Twitter (@iamrebel78)! I regularly let Charles Hoskinson know how awesome Nash is - Maybe he will take even more notice if ZEITGEIST Pool (Ticker: ZEIT) is supported by the NASH community :pray:t2:

Thanks for reading


If it works out we could create a 2nd Pool called NASH (if that is permitted) :slight_smile:

I never spend time researching Cardano. What am I missing ?

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1.) Cardano has an amazing community full of passionate & smart people (similar to Nash but 100x in size)- Checkout @iohk_charles on Twitter
2.) Goguen Smart Contracts is coming to Cardano in FEB/MAR - This will make it a true comp to ETH, while (final) ETH 2.0 is still years away.
3.) Staking with Pools is really easy and reward you with up to 6% per year
4.) So much more coming but my main reasons for joining was Charles, Staking & the Community!

If you have any further questions let me know


You are amazing, I feel your passion through your writing :wink:
Have fun. I don’t have ADA
All inn :nerd_face: Nash

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I’m big on Nash (and to a lesser extent, NEO) and Cardano. I remember seeing the Nash team talking about experimenting with Cardano when Cardano was still in Byron era. That doesn’t confirm anything, but it’s something. This was on a quarter report video over a year ago if I recall correctly.

Good luck on your new stake pool. With the saturation on Cardano changing soon, should mean more people will be looking at the smaller pools. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your kind words - Yes very passionate about Cardano because I just got to love the community. It is amazing being part of it. I want to help with decentralization and hopefully they can finally offer the world what they have been waiting for. Think Eth with high scalibility :slight_smile:

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I actually sold my NEO - I know v3 is coming but Cardano community is so much more passionate. Neo kinda lost me because it is still quite centralized and not much has been done in the past two years around community efforts. Unfortunately not many delegators have seen the change of K yet. We hope a few will switch over to ZEITGEIST soon

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