Multiple stop options on Sell limit orders

As a trader I would like to see a Stop sell that could have multiple options within in the same rule.

So for example a stop loss for btc @$3912 but also a stop sell when it hits $4420.

Anyone else to find such a function viable?


that function, is not allowed in security exchange, remember NEX Plan is to be the security exchange

@BaClaire Wasn’t aware of that but could be possible to have order options for certain coins/pairs. Or just be unavailable for security tokens if that is the law?

I guess you are talking about bracket orders. Even I feel that’s a good to have feature, something which top exchanges doesn’t have.


You should probably build a trading bot for this.

Limit orders are noted on Page 6 of the White Paper, however it doesn’t specify if you can have multiple stop limits. Now as to the legal situation surrounding this, I have no idea.