Moving in the right direction

Real good to see us moving in the right direction.
Seems like we have a clear plan now (this could have been the case before but we or maybe I just couldn’t see it.
I thought i would post something here as to reflect how happy i am with the direction and what seems to be some traction - partnering with Aave for savings rate. which also gave us much needed marketing.
Lets keep the momentum and keep pushing forward … Well done so far.


Some other highlights from the 2021 Blog:

We are currently in talks with several DeFi partners, seeking a way to bring this product to market as soon as possible. We aim to establish our first partnership by the end of Q1.

Exposing our fiat ramps via a white-label API for third parties will play a similar role. We are currently investigating partnerships with projects seeking a simple fiat gateway for their token and are in talks with 10–15 parties. We look forward to announcing more details later in Q1.

Appears AAVE fills both highlights with much more to come:


When you see price movement, it usually means the team’s efforts for the past months are starting to come to fruition. So that new vision has been clear to them for some time, then made public in the 2021 strategy blog post, as evidenced by @algorithmicdesign above.


Looks like we’ve broken multi-year $1 resistance. Congratulations everyone. Very very good :ok_hand:


We are up 90% in the 24h and over 420% in the last 3 weeks. This argument is the easiest way to encourage people to check out what Nash is doing, i.e. onboarding new users and supporters of the project and they will in turn, onboard more users creating a snowball effect. We should make sure people are aware of this price movement.

I have commenced shilling. People need to know, and when they see number go up they believe. Respect the pump, share the pump, and the pump will bless you.

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1 piece of good news and look at the price, imagine when everything else falls into place and we start making some real waves? Look at the price of the best Defi projects in this space and you will realise that this is just the begining, HODL gentleman!!

Announce more partnerships with AAVE pleeease. Partnership - partnership - EVERYONE GETS A PARTNERSHIP

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