Mobile app volume counter

Does anyone know why is volume counter removed from mobile app?

I don’t know the official reason but the only thing I can think of was that it was too noisy and confusing for new users. Sometimes I thought it was my holdings $.

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You whale you… :whale:

Yea, same happened to me when we had crypto’s total marketcap. Kept mistaking it for my holdings :smirk:


Because it makes no difference to trade with swaps and like @Hatertots said, in mobile is always a struggle of how much you put in the screen - it needs to work with smaller devices, so why keep showing a useless number if we could improve UI?

Most trading apps do the same and even some minimalist web UIs.


It doesn’t makes difference for swap but it is very important to have it because Nash is dividend paying exchange and not seeing volume at mobile is not transparent.

The app is made for users, not to tracking stats on the company.

Our statistics APIs are open

You can track stats it in several data aggregators such as:


Agreed 100 %. please dont show any useless stuff on the app.

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