Mobile app upgrade (claiming GAS)

So this is amazing news:
Claiming from the mobile app even before it’s available from the exchange is good priorization IMO.

However my question here is: is it normal that the latest version I’m offered to download is 2.75 (on Androïd)? If I’m not mistaken, this version doesn’t include claiming GAS.

Maybe it’s just a matter of time before the upgrade is available on the Play store. Anyone else was able to successfully update their app on Androïd?

PS: @carla here is no “Mobile” category on the forum. Is this intended?


The version 2.77 (including support for claiming GAS) has been pushed for Android and is available for some users but the propagation may take a couple hours. We confirmed team members were able to update the app, but we’ll add a delay for announcements going forward.

As for the community, we’re working on some improvements, including categories.


I guess they are going after wallet users and then bring them to the exchange … we really should have a decent % of the NEO wallets from NEON and O3 migrate over … actually id really like to see the stats on this if possible (at some stage)

Agreed. I haven’t used my Neon wallet in a long time :man_shrugging:

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I only use the NEON wallet to claim GAS each month and a different app to claim ONT GAS and use these claims to buy more ONT. Takes about 15 minutes to claim and move the gas, buy the ONT and move it back. Would be so nice if I could do that with a few clicks in one app.

The app is updated and claiming works like a charm. Nice.

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man my mobile wallet on android looks amazing for 10 to 20 seconds before crashing :frowning: anyone else or am i special ?

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I kept the app open a bit longer, but it doesn’t crash. Send the crash report so they can look into it. For me the app crashes twice when I rotate the screen after I closed the app. Not a big issue, but it seems that the app doesn’t close correctly.

yeah i sent 2 log reports over … mine looks like an issue when i move in to portfolio

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