Mobile App - Do I need to turn off 2FA in order to use finger print login?

Just wondering which is safer to use?

2FA will always be thr. With fingerprint you bypass entering username and password


Yes but since it deactivates by itself every time i log in again I was wondering if this is the workaround

What you mean by deactivate itself ? You can use biometric and 2FA. Biometric replace username and password as @rahil said. Is the setting to use biometric being auto deactivated on your devise ? If so, is this version >=2.25 ?

Works well for me on version 2.24. Google play store says I’m up to date, so I don’t know about version 2.25 :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Nash Version 2.24 Just updated and installed on a Xiaomi Mi 9 - Pasting 2FA Code now works. Just tested Fingerprint and it deactivates every time after logging out. When signing back in I need to use Email/PSW.