Mobile Advanced Trading UI: fire testing and feedback

Hi all!

Please thread here all issues and feedback for our just released advanced trading UI on the mobile app. Goal is to make it easy and fast to centralize the feedback.

We are giving a couple days of heads up for our community before issuing the usual marketing push for the new product. Tomorrow I will close this thread and we go back to ask all feedback and issues to be sent directly to



Hi - thanks very much Jan for all your amazing work on this. It looks and feels very pr0.

Small thing - when i’m on the buy/sell screen on exchange, and I tap on the price in the ‘sell’ column then instinctively I want it to populate the ‘price’ field with the price I tapped on and then allow me to buy. Right now if I tap on the red text it switches my order to a ‘sell’ which I think is counter-intuitive. I’d be interested to see if anyone else has experienced this and feels the same?

Otherwise - brilliant stuff and can’t wait for all the polish to be put on it!


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Thanks for all the great work done! :smiley: So cool to trade non-custodial on mobile like this!

Hereby I would like to share some feedback:

  • I love the buy-sell switch
  • I like the fact that prices of the orderbook are clickable
  • It’s a bit inconsequent that I see the limit (upper left) in euro’s, and prices in USDC. (prefer both in the same currency)
  • Before placing an order, it takes me quite some time (okay, in seconds) to find the last price: i am reading from left to right, up to down… so I first see the BTC size and later the price. Also I need to find the difference between last ask and bid. Maybe it’s possible to show the last traded price?
  • I miss the overview of open orders in the trading screen. If I make a mistake, it’s not possible to cancel the order without leaving the screen. (specially if you want to trade quickly, it’s a bit annoying if you need to leave the screen to cancel the pending order)

Thanks for asking feedback! Hopefully this feedback will help you to improve the trading experience even more.


‘‘Screen pinned’’ in the Exchange division of mobile app (unnecessarily) shows itself a second time and prohibits from using several functions it covers when dropping down.

Well done to the team for getting this live and all you have done.

The only thing I would suggest is to not have the swap feature when you swipe left on the trade page.
I would have it as a static page with a button to go to swap feature if desired.

Updating the app yesterday didn’t go smoothly, had issues with screen freeze at the Graphing part of Exchange. Then after removal, I re-installed the app and all was better.

Speaking this moment the app froze while typing messages here. I had the app on active at the Exchange Graph division and few minutes later didn’t respond, but now, 1 minute after that it seems to execute all functions I touched while it was frozen. So there’s a big latency, almost freezing going on.

Easier currency change
Visible generated volume

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Shrinking and enlarging the graph vertically and horizontally would be nice!


I want to see orderbook when I’m correcting limit price to make sure it doesn’t change.

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Can you enter total to auto calculate amount ?
'Buy NEO at limitprice 15USDC for total of 30 USDC ’

missing weekly candles or an option to drag chart back in time

The option to switch between swap and advanced trading disappears for me after exiting the app (it just defaults to advanced, and the blue dots that allowed you to swipe between the two methods are no longer there)
A force stop brings the options back.
Not sure if this is by design?
I’m on Android and in a region where trading is not allowed.

Kinda offtop, but i dont really know where i could ask this question…
Why i cant use mobile app (observing exchange) without logging in? I mean if i want to check volume, current prices, orderbooks, quotes and so on… why i can do it via without login, and cannot do it via mobile app :frowning:


Mobile app looking good, the only thing what a pain in the ass is atm to cancel multiple orders at once. You have to select the order and press on “cancel order”. Then you go back and you select the next order. Before it was easier to just swipe the order away.

I would love to see something like: You press and hold 1 order for like a second, then you can select multiple orders and you can cancel all these orders at once.


When leaving the app open in the backround the orders that have been executed do not show. It stays on last order before putting the app in the backround.

When u click to buy/sell, could be nice if u can add the price of the asset u want to sell/buy

on this page, beside this love the app, you’ve done a really good job

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It takes alot of time to put “*” next to your oreder.
In this case highest buy and sell orders are main.

Keep building :muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

First of all: Congratulations to this huge milestone.

In general I got the problem that kinda my screen freezes when I use the app, its really weird. Like sometimes I have to restart the app and sometimes after a short time it starts working again. I’m using Iphone 11 with iOS 14.2.

Further points:

  • Why am I not able to set the amount when I market buy an asset respectivly cant set the total when I market sell?

  • Love the feature where there is a red dot on the “Limit” label but It took me some time to find out what this means, maybe there is a better solution like e.g. highlight the word “Limit”?

Keep up the great work guys!


  • Chart unresponsive to zooming in and out
  • No crosshair on chart to view specific price points
  • no indicators
  • no overlays
    The chart seems to be just a screenshot of the current web chart? The overall experience seems pointless compared to just using the ‘Swap’ version.

Overall the chart needs to be more accessible for interactions with the user. For now it seems like a picture and not a chart.
Looking forward to seeing future improvements on this.

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